Do robot photographers have “private parts”?

After seeing OCCO wear this hula skirt (attached by our customer), I tend to think so 🙂

OK, seriously, we have long considered the question of dressing up OCCO photographer robot into some kind of clothing. Both for looks, as well as function, e.g. to have accessory pockets or to hide structural material. For now, we are settled on “skin”, rather than loose clothing. Skin (vinyl wrap) is easier to re-wrap, alter and clean, but interesting ideas are always coming in, like this quickly improvised skirt for a Hawaii – themed event.

We could go even further and decorate the robot’s moving head with leftover flowers, which would be pretty cool too, but ran out of time. I’m sure more ideas will keep popping up, and who knows, one day we may have a standard “wardrobe” of clothing for OCCO. After all, dressing up robots is a very common practice, and there is even some science behind it.