At EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. and our affiliated subsidiaries, we know you care about your personal information, so we have prepared this privacy policy (our “Privacy Policy”) to explain how we collect, use and share it. By using or accessing the OCCO Product and/or Services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We may update our Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices. If we do this and the changes are material, we will post a notice that we have made changes to this Privacy Policy on the Website for at least 7 days after the changes are made, and we will indicate the date these terms were last revised at the bottom of the Privacy Policy. Any revisions to this Privacy Policy will become effective the earlier of (i) the end of that 7-day period or (ii) the first time you access or use the Service after any such changes.


When you use EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. product or service, you provide us with two types of information: (i) information you submit via the photo capture service and (ii) information regarding your use of the Service collected by us as you interact with the Service, such as, your emails and SMS numbers.
Photographs are captured autonomously, and may be based on algorithms and sensors. Before the image is captured, there is a live view video screen that displays to the end user what robot sees and facilitates the user being prepared for the shot. Nonetheless, a photograph may be captured without the user’s knowledge or without explicit consent on the part of the user.
Visual Display After the photo is captured, it is displayed for several seconds on a large screen. Anyone physically present at the location can see the thumbnails of images captured by OCCO Robots. Anyone present at a location may be able to see the the unique code associated with the online album where images are stored and can request those photos, even if he/she is not on the photo. Furthermore, products and services of EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. are used by our clients and partners, and we can not be held responsible for privacy policy effected by owners of OCCO Robots. We can not be held responsible for content captured using our product equipment at all locations at all times. If you have a concern regarding inappropriate privacy policies put in place by a specific OCCO service provider, please notify us at privacy@emergentmachines.com

Media Expiry. OCCO Cloud storage allows setting an expiration time on the visibility of images captured and uploaded to OCCO online album. This expiry period can be used by OCCO Robot owner to prevent exposing photographs online for extended periods of time through hiding photographs taken more than a certain amount of minutes ago. This setting can range from from 1 minute to infinity, and is determined by the OCCO owner and specific event host. This measure hides the captured images from unwanted views by general public, but OCCO owner and  event host may still gain access to images via an administrative console, as OCCO online album retains physical copies of original uploaded images until such time when administrator deletes the media. Those images may be removed, shared with the host of the event or retained for other reasons by an organization that uses OCCO Cloud Services.

Storing the media. All captured media is stored to a local hard drive indefinitely. We may also upload some or all media to the cloud, where anyone with knowledge of the exact link can access it. We may capture and store video . The same procedure is used for both video and photographs.
Sensors. We collect, process and can retain sensor information. That information may includes some or all of the following: video and photo, depth sensor information (which may be used to determine physical dimensions and the location of objects and people on the scene). We may also capture audio, location and other metadata. 
Collection of Personal Identifiable Information. Our product and services also store E-mails and SMS numbers from users when requesting photos.
We do not share your personal information with third-parties unless it is necessary to offer the Service or required by law (see below for specifics).


We may also send you service-related announcements from time to time through the general operation of the Service. Generally, you may opt out of such emails.
Profile information is used by EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. to be presented back to and edited by you when you access the Service.
EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. may use or share aggregate or anonymous data collected through the Service, including Activity Data, for purposes such as understanding or improving the service.


Media curation. All photos processed that are being taken and uploaded to private albums may or may not be sent to a curation service

5. EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. shares your personally-identifiable information only when it is reasonably necessary to offer the Service, legally required, or permitted by you. For example: we may be required to disclose personally-identifiable information in response to lawful requests, such as subpoenas or court orders, or in compliance with applicable laws. Additionally, we may share account or other personally-identifiable information when we believe it is necessary to comply with law, to protect our interests or property, to prevent fraud or other illegal activity perpetrated through the Service, or to prevent imminent harm. This may include sharing personally-identifiable information with other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.
If the ownership of all or substantially all of the EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. business, or individual business units or assets owned by EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. that are related to the Service, were to change, your personally-identifiable information may be transferred to the new owner. In any such transfer of information, your personally-identifiable information would remain subject to this section.


You have at all times the right to delete your information that has been stored with EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. by following the instructions available through the Service. After your account is deleted we will retain aggregate or anonymous data collected through the Service, including Activity Data, which may be used by EMERGENT MACHINES, INC. and shared with third parties in any manner.


The Service is not designed to respond to “do not track” signals sent by some browsers.

To understand more about our Privacy Policy, access your information, or ask questions about our privacy practices or issue a complaint, please contact us at privacy@emergentmachines.com