what can OCCO photographer robot Do for you?

Engage your audience

Whether you organize events or own a venue, OCCO photo robot will generate excitement, help create goodwill and provide a unique experience for your guests

Connect customers to your brand

A strategic implementation of OCCO can be a powerful marketing, lead generation and social media tool for your brand. There are several workflow templates to choose from to tailor the presentation, experience and media flow for your specific needs.

Generate direct revenue

OCCO photo robot is truly unique - there is nothing else like it on the market. Event hosts looking for a one-of-kind experience will see the intrinsic value in an intelligent, interactive and entertaining robot that also happens to do something very useful: creating memories that last.

robot photographer

Our products and services

OCCO Robotic Photobooth Rentals

Bring the OCCO effect to your events! We handle the custom graphics design, delivery and deployment.

OCCO Photographer Robots

From turnkey solutions to DIY kits, become an OCCO Pro by choosing from one of our ready-to-go models or by building your own OCCO-powered system.

Cloud media and remote device management

Optimized for storing, curating and sharing event media with all involved parties. Flexibility and scalability at an affordable price.

OCCO photographer ROBOTS


Model IC

New for 2019! Thanks to new sensors, AI capabilities and a digitized face, model OCCO IC (eye-see) now has even more personality and intelligence to spark curiosity and capture attention.

robotic photo booth

Model S

Engineered for both aesthetics and 24/7/365 operation, the Model S boasts a stunning industrial design paired with an exquisite, organic body suitable for high-end venues.


Build a photographer robot of your own design! We provide the proprietary OCCO gear: complete robotics kit (software and mecha-tronics) with cloud management tools. You come up with an enclosure of your own and...voila! A new photo robot is born!

cloud MEDIA services

Event Media Storage and Presentation

There is a huge difference between generic cloud storage systems and backends designed specifically for handling live event media. Services like DropBox or SmugMug are great at cloud storage, but they are not designed with "events" as their central paradigm. That's what makes OCCO special. From custom logos and access control, to sharing policies and social-facing features - the OCCO cloud solution is designed to handle large volumes of real-time media collection and distribution through event-driven organization

Media Curation Workflow

A major aspect of event media management is media curation. Inappropriate, uninteresting and undesirable media should be hidden or removed before content is released to production. OCCO comes with comprehensive tools for the event organizer and venue owner. Ask about our media curation service!


Gain valuable insight into your data with daily usage reports and more. Slice and dice that data based on any number of custom tags or time elements - all while gathering leads. Implement third-part APIs to and capture customized metrics for specialized events.

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Do you want to...

Purchase an OCCO Photo Robot?

Groups per hour easily handled by one robot (models S or IC)
Percent of clients in an anonymous survey saying "OCCO experience is better than a selfie camera or a photbooth"
Guests easily handled and entertained by a single OCCO Robot

What our clients say

"After seeing Occo, I cant image doing a photbooth, seems so arcane"

Event Planner

"The robotic interaction was great for a 3 year old to keep him interested and get a great picture which is hard with a selfie or even someone snapping a picture for you."


"Awesome product and fantastic quality."

Venue manager

"I loved it and hope to eventually buy one."

Photobooth operator

"OCCO is wonderful. Thanks and happy Canada Day to you all"

Event attendee

About us

Emergent Machines, Inc. is a technology company based in Seattle, Washington. We are an experienced team of engineers, designers and executives.

We have crafted computing solutions that work across millions of devices, and performed leading research in robotics, computer vision and machine learning. We have even been entrusted with controls for a nuclear power plant!

But this time, we wanted to do something different, something that will be accessible to anyone and understood by all without words and help make the world a better place, even if it’s just one smile, one giggle, or one good memory at a time.

So…we created OCCO.

Anyone interacting with our quirky robot immediately realizes there is some sort of intelligence driving the machine. Because there is no human behind the camera, people know they will not be judged, and they keep playing with OCCO to their heart’s desire. Folks get creative, pose for glamour shots, or let OCCO capture silly action moments

There is something unique that occurs when OCCO is at work: making its own photographic choices and drawing the audience in.

We call it the “OCCO effect.”

Indeed, we’ve seen countless examples of true affection and deep engagement between our machine and humans, bound neither by age, gender nor cultural background. Invite OCCO to your next event and let the OCCO-effect work for your organization!