What is OCCO?

OCCO is an interactive entertainment robot designed to engage and entertain audience at parties, events and venues. OCCO creates an immersive photography experience, where users express their creativity, pose for great portraits or memorable shots. A large live view screen creates a mirror-like experience, so users see themselves before a photo is taken, and an intelligent head moves to compose a great frame. There are no screens to touch or instructions to follow. It takes only a few seconds of engagement for people to understand the purpose and function of OCCO. Even a three year-old can interact with OCCO without any help.

Once the photograph is taken – OCCO offers immediate access to media it generates so folks can see and share their memories right there during the party. And again, there are no screens to touch. A simple e-mail or SMS-based workflow allows guests access their images from the comfort and security of their own smart phones.

Who is OCCO for?

The experience of interacting with OCCO is for fun-loving folks of all ages, ability levels and cultural backgrounds. However, OCCO device itself is designed for businesses that have a need to provide cutting-edge experience, entertain their guests, create good will, connect with their customers, promote brands, or just generate cash through renting OCCO out to private parties, corporate events, offering it with a credit card reader, etc.

OCCO Backend

OCCO likes to be always connected to the Internet. Our secure backend provides you rich tools to analyze information captured by your OCCO devices, generate reports, as well as remotely monitor and configure a fleet of robots.

Additionally, OCCO cloud securely stores all the media captured by the robots, enables real-time media fulfilment to the end users, and lets you control the workflow of media: from capture to storage, album design, curation and approvals by the event host, public/private access to galleries, etc.