Own a venue? Hire OCCO model S to improve customer satisfaction, promote your venue and earn additional revenue. It comes complete with software that handles the entire workflow and end-user experience, connection to back end services(such as media curation), DSLR, Sensors, Mecha-Tronics, Control and Compute units, a built in Flash (not shown) and a Flash Reflector that allows OCCO to produce great quality photos in virtually any environment. Just plug in, and OCCO goes to work. Contact us for a quote.

New for 2018! OCCO model C (compact) has all the features of stationary model including the cloud features, on-board Al, 32″ HD screen, and adds height adjustment, sound capabilities and fits in a smaller box. This  makes it easy to transport OCCO safely in a compact car or even take with you on a commercial flight.

Additional Options:

1. Credit Card Reader.

Turn your OCCO into a cash machine! The robot will come with a small credit card reader attached to its side, and will go to work only after a valid credit card is swiped (you set the price). At the end of each month, OCCO will transfer the combined amount your customers paid (minus 14% processing and transaction fee) to your account.
$395 one time payment. After that, only $20 per month

2. Always on connectivity.

Why worry about finding WI-FI at unknown locations when you can be always connected via built-in cellular modem! One less thing to worry about for only $129 a month. Ideal if OCCO will be traveling a lot, even internationally.

3. Transportation box (OCCO model S only)

To ensure safe storage and transportation of OCCO – we highly recommend protecting your investment with our custom-built transportation and storage box with caster wheels and special padding that allows OCCO to be transported and set up by one person. You may not need this option if your OCCO will be installed permanently at a location. Box with OCCO fits easily in an SUV or a station wagon.
+$995. Model C comes standard with carry case.

4. Wood material (OCCO model S only)

The body of OCCO is made using real wood veneer manually layered and bent to shape. We do not paint or add dyes to natural wood color, we cover it with several layers of natural teak oil for a fresh, lively look, as well as protection and durability.

You have several options to choose from (subject to availability)
Mahogany, Red Oak, Maple (clean, great look) + $0 (included in price)
Burmese Teak (shown), Walnut(best value) +$100
Zebrawood, other exotics (typically darker, richer wood texture, stunning looks) + $400

5. Backend Services

One of OCCO’s hidden talents is its backend services that provide businesses and brands with tools to understand their customers and connect them with a brand. From automated media curation to demographics reports. Contact us for more information.

6. Free 12 month e-mail and phone support (included)