The robot that makes you

OCCO model S(stationary) is designed for venues.
Beautiful industrial design to fit any environment.
Standing at 5′ tall-perfect for capturing adults as well as children.
OCCO automatically detects people in the room, engages them, snaps photos when users pose, and sends branded pictures to their mobile phones.
OCCO contains a quality DSLR Camera and comes with a powerful indirect flash resulting in photos that look so much better than selfies.
Model C(Compact) has the same exciting capabilities of Model S, but adds adjustable height, sound and easy transportation for mobile operators.
Head automatically pans and tilts to cover the entire room.
OCCO engages people at a whole new level, which draws out relaxed smiles and unlocks creativity.
OCCO for your event

OCCO is an engaging
entertainer for anywhere
you want to capture and
delight your guests.

OCCO for your business
Use OCCO to grow your
social media presence,
increase revenue, and keep
your customers coming back.
OCCO for your product
Inject OCCO technology
into your own device.