A. On the surface, the difference may seem obvious: OCCO is fully autonomous, does not require any screens to be touched, it does not matter where and how people are positioned – as long as folks are willing to be in a picture –they will. There is no need to direct people to sit or stand in a specific spot. Even small children will be properly framed and photographed (kids absolutely LOVE playing with OCCO). But there are also deeper differences that completely change the user experience. OCCO is everyone’s personal cameraman. It creates a red carpet experience, which photbooths simply can not. OCCO is best capturing people in their natural environment, which is one of the reasons why unlike most photobooths – OCCO shines best when facing away from the wall, not towards it. Since OCCO engages people autonomously, it does not require an attendant. Indeed, its best to make sure there is no human “in charge” of the robot. Even the most cheerful and professional attendant may create a barrier for some people to have fun.