TheCorpora History – A Blast From The Past

As we have indicated previously, we will be presenting a new version of our robot very soon. This new project has been in the making for more than two years and it cumulates all the lessons and knowhow we learned from our first project.

Many of you who have followed us through the last 10 years know our trajectory and what we were up to.  However, for the benefit of those who have joined us recently, we have included in our blog all posts published previously in relation to our first project.  These writings detailed our journey of discovery, some of the technological feats we have achieved and last but not least, some wonderful people we have met along the way.  All these has come together to make us what we are today which we are so thankful for.


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Robo-cams go for Olympic gold

Is it possible to get 11 photographers into a box and put them in a position where you could never place a photographer? Normally, it would be absolutely impossible. But nothing is impossible when it comes to the Olympic games.

The London Olympic summer games will produce huge emotions, records and we as the Reuters photographers team will catch it from any extraordinary angle. When athletes from around the world compete against each other for the glory of an Olympic medal, hundreds of photographers try to capture the one and only moment which makes the Olympic games so unique.

At the upcoming Olympics for the first time we are using robotic cameras made specifically for the high elevated roof positions that can only be covered by a remote camera and not by a photographer.

Over the next few weeks until the Olympic Games open on July 27, I will install our new robotic cameras, often using climbing equipment. From now on, getting up early in the morning and spending more than 12 hours at the various venues is my daily business as a photographer to make this picture dream come true.

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